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(Taken most recently from [profile] amber1960, slightly adapted.)

If you're from the UK and you believe in freedom of speech and an uncensored interenet, you really need to sign this petition. There are others floating about, but that particular one is the best way to ensure that your voice gets heard. It's hosted on the directgov website and addresses parliament directly. If it gets more than 100,000 signatures, it becomes eligible for discussion in the House of Commons.

Everyone's been getting so worked up over SOPA -- and rightly so -- that ACTA seems to have slipped under the radar. This is hugely problematic, because ACTA is a similar bill, but it has the potential to be far more damaging than SOPA ever could be.

Some people seem to have this misconception that ACTA is the 'European SOPA', but that simply isn't true. It's a global treaty, and it's already been signed by eight countries, including the US, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. Europe votes on Thursday. If they vote 'no', the bill will have to be taken back to the drawing board and reformulated, which should buy us some time at the very least.

If you think this doesn't affect you, you're wrong. If ACTA passes, it could well signal the end of the internet as we know it, and that isn't an exaggeration. It's not just about watching movies and television online. If ACTA passes, sites like YouTube, Livejournal, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and even Google and Wikipedia could become impossible to maintain. ACTA would allow ISPs to monitor your net activity and cut off internet access for your entire household if one person is suspected of breaching copyright. Think Big Brother is Watching. I don't think I need to emphasise just how damaging it can be to be without internet access in this day and age, when we rely so heavily on technology.

It's not only bloggers and fandom that would be affected, either. Small businesses, independent film-makers and unsigned musicians who have previously found their niche online would also suffer hugely, and would be at risk of being bullied into submission by Hollywood and multinational corporations under accusations of copyright infringement. All those artists who found fame by uploading covers of songs to YouTube would never have had the opportunity to do so under ACTA, as those cover versions would be prohibited.

I know the internet has its problems, but to my mind it's the single greatest invention to come out of modern times, and it would be an absolute travesty if we were to lose that now. From a personal point of view, I can't even put into words how important this is to me. I've met some of my closest friends through the internet and online fandom, people whom I would likely never have met without it, and it's given me this amazing social support system. I don't want that to end here, and I want to preserve it for future generations so that they can have the same experience and opportunities I've been given through my online interactions.

I know that opinions on the seriousness of copyright infringement and online piracy vary wildly, but that isn't really the point. Internet giants such as Google are opposed to this bill, and it's pretty safe to say that they're not in favour of copyright infringment, as anyone who's ever had a fanvid taken down from YouTube will be painfully aware. Whatever your stance on copyright, this isn't the way to go about dealing with it. This is dangerous legislation that impeaches on some of our most basic human rights, such as the right to privacy and freedom of speech.

So if you're from the UK, please, please sign the petition. If you hail from elsewhere in the world, there may well be similar movements in your own country, but I think the most effective thing anybody can do right now is to keep talking about this. Talk about it on Livejournal, on Twitter, on Tumblr, on Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of. Make sure this issue is never far from people's minds. The internet is an amazingly powerful tool: let's utilise it while we still have the chance.

Please repost and spread the word :)


Please consider reposting this, especially if you have a large proportion of UK flisties. And please consider spreading the word via other platforms: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, your own personal network.

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I know this place isn't as busy and filled with people as it once was, but those that are around and would like to maybe perk me up a bit as i am still pretty ill and dealing with crazy, flappy grandparents, there is a Love Meme deelie happening once more. This is mine
Im feeling kind of shoved to the sidelines at the moment, it's lame. Maybe it's just the feeling sorry for yourself thing that comes with being ill. Idk.

For a change this week, i've actually been able to finish a couple of sketches and not totally hate them. I still feel very >:/ and ;______; about le arts at the moment but at least i've done something.

sometimes i draw things )

The [profile] bandomreversebb claiming shenanigans happen this weekend D: D: D: However, i think only those signed up to write actually get to see the art and media posts for claiming, so i will spend the next however long sat worrying and chewing my fingernails off that no one will pick my doodles and that would make me sad ;___; I really do like to worry and fret and irritate everyone with my worrying and fretting.

I should get back to helping the grandparents with the last bits of painting in my place. It's all the boring stuff no one wants to do and kept putting off. Nearly done though. The smell of paint really isn't making me feel any better.
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Like everyone else, it has been an age since i last updated :/ I didn't mean for it to be and had things i wanted to flail around about...but then days pass and i think "oh, i'll do it another day" and then suddenly it's been weeks.

Anyway, first off i've come down with lurgy. What started off as a sore throat yesterday steadily got worse and worse today and i now have a bitching cold. My throat hurts so much, i can't breathe, everything aches, i don't have any vapour rub and i cannot sleep proped up but i need to so i can maybe be able to breathe during the night. Rad.
I think work folks are expecting me not to go in tomorrow as my decline at work today was noted. Being at work is doing me no favours either as it's cold and damp as all fuck so we stick on all the heaters with have. It's takes forever to warm up but then it's just too warm and stuffy and dry and isn't helping with my cold. I want to go in though because i want ti finish the USA flag i was working on last week. I'd never made one start to finish before and it's gone together really well and i haven't fucked up or had to unpick and re-sew any seams (and i had to sew 22 seams on this flag, aww yeeeah!) and it looks really good. The printed star panel finally came into us late this afternoon so it can be finished off. I don't want it taking off me and being finished if im not there cause it will only take half an hour or so then it's ready to go out :( I don't think they would but i still worry. I had a good week with flags last week. I made a Jamaica too, it was the first time i'd done a flag that crosses on the diagonal and they are a bitch to do and get the right size and still have the corners measure properly. It's to go out with the USA flag for something for the Olympics in Birmingham and the guys is being very particular about it measuring a certain length on the diagonal...

I got it bang on to size and measurement first time \o/ FUCK YEAH \o/ This is probably very boring for people to read but it was a good week and a big deal to me. I have loved doing these flags :3

Whatelse. The other week i finally brought a Wacom tablet and have been having a play around with that. I lose my time so quickly on it and it's fun. I'm probably doing everything "wrong" when trying to draw digitally but i will keep just messing around with it.
That said, everything i try and draw lately is just not happening for me. Tablet or on paper. It's very frustrating and i just DON'T KNOW WHY I CAN'T DRAW OMG /o\ Im not even like, forcing myself or anything. Im just doodling when i get the itch too but everything is turning out crap so yeah. That's bumming me out.

Did y'all see that MSI video chat deelie the other week? It was on a work night and i was going to be sensible and go to bed...but then i didn't and IM SO GLAD I STAYED UP! I was pretty sure the announcement was going to be US TOUR Y'ALL, WHATUP! (part of me was convinced it would be a farewell tour but no!) and i am SO STOKED \o/\o/\o/\o/ Steve could not make the chat for whatever reason but it was so, so good to see them interacting together through the power/fail of technology and they are so excited to tour and i am so excited for them and im such a bad grown up that i am making plans to go visit the east coast and see friends and go to shows cause why not?!
Yeah, i've actually made ~plans and notes and i've got a hotel reserved and my show tickets brought so...yeah. NYC/NJ, I AM COMING FOR YOU!

I was meant to be seeing Alkaline Trio next week...but that is no longer happening due to Skiba breaking his foot. Boooo :( Oh well, i can wait a little longer.

I feel like there is other stuff i should be mentioning but it's not coming to me. My life isn't mad exciting so there probably isn't anything major im forgetting. Now, to try and sleep and then get frustrated when i can't and want to kill everything :/
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More on that sketch in a bit. Earlier in the week, i got the most epic woe that the sketch i'd done and sent out to The Ways was infact lost forever. Cause come on, it seemed all kinds of shady that there was nothing about it's whereabouts from USPS till the day after i emailed them to find out what the fuck was going on and then all of a suuden it was like HAAAY, IT'S IN LA! DON'T WORRY! so i didn't trust them at all. So, this week i got properly upset (i cried a little...i do that like, all the time lately though) that it was lost forever and it sucked so bad cause i was proud of it and had spent a lot of time on it and WHY ARE THINGS NEVER SIMPLE?!

Then i kind of kicked my own ass a bit and told myself to get over it cause others have proper issues to deal with and im being a child and should just make a start on something else and try again.

THEN...yesterday when i got home from work, the USPS tracker status for the item said DELIVERED and i freaked out, wanted to throw up and got all shakey in the hands/arms but still didn't totally believe it but really hoped it was at it's destination even though that was giving me the fear too. NO ONE CAN WIN WITH ME! Anyway, i got a message from Lindsey little after 1am last night/this morning and i was CRAZY asleep and thought i'd dreamt it and for some reason woke again around 4am to check my phone and saw it wasn't a dream and my art had for real been delivered/collected and there were lots of !!! and omg it's going in a box in a frame, on a wall in their house and I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THAT and i might have had a little ;___; when i read the message and then :D and then tried to get back to sleep and it was difficult but i did and...i can't. That's what i keep coming back to.

Im sure people are all DUDE JUST STFU ALREADY though you are too nice to say it. It's just a big deal and i never really thought anything would come of it after Lindsey asked after a piece and now here we are and fuck it, i am excited by it. And i still feel like a lucky fucker.

So, aside from that, fuck all else has gone on in my life. I got to make a tiny little flag (something like 21 inches x 14 inches) with a cartoon bat design on it at work. It was pretty cute and a difficult task as i had to work out all the layers for the applique and how the design was going to go together, what i had to cut back to and such. And it came out really well. Think i've finally figured out this multi-layer applique thing a bit better.

That sketch at the top was a little something for [personal profile] ladyfoxxx who had asked for a TBP lyn-z. Just use your imagination a bit. Drawing someone minus all their ~trademarks is hard. Finished piece is in here )
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Someone needs to tell Lindsey to DIAL IT THE FUCK DOWN...only don't. Ever. Cause OMG *_____* Seeing her change in twitter pic before work the other morning gave me ALL THE ~FEELINGS and a wonderful start to my day.
And why must she keep popping up in my dreams?! And not in any highly inappropriate/omg no what is wrong with you kind of way, she's just in them a lot being all her and awesome and damn it /o\

She's just really good and i am in love with her and im also the creepiest creeper to ever creep...i can't help it ;_____*

Been trying to get out of my doodling funk this week. It's kind of working? I spent a lot of time last weekend (sunday maybe?) working on a piece for someone...then when im close to having it finished, i decide i hate it. Like, with a fiery passion. BUT after some wise words and encouragement from a tumblr friend, i've just left it alone for a few days and im ok with it more now and going to try finishing it off this weekend.

And then, when i had a surprise!day off work on monday, i headed to the city for coffee and doodling times to try and work out what in the fuck i was going to do for this reverse bbb. And something just came to me from nowhere and i quickly scribbled out some ideas roughly and got pretty damn proud of the hands and arms i drew...considering i had no reference material around me either.

I've convinced myself someone else is going to have done the same thing as me but...lets just see i guess. Crappy phone pictures of rough ass sketches )

Want to get my reverse bbb stuff done this weekend, and also a couple of things (maybe) for [personal profile] ladyfoxxx so lots of arts! Provided it doesn't make me all >:/ or ;_____; like it has constantly recently.

Making more "plans" for London and art shenanigans in October. [profile] missghoull is going to be down at the same time so we're having a little mini London adventure \o/ And i actually did make plans and made shit happen with it all today and I AM PROUD, I DID SOMETHING!

Still kind of nervous about the whole art thing...the programme of events/what even is happening is so vague and the organisers have yet to put anything up on their site about events other than dates/opening times and it's the Frieze art fair that weekend too but that gets costly and idk but then i would like to be in the same room as Mark Ryden and Marion Peck and idk why i think they'd be at that one when they are friends with Jessicka and she is kind of taking them? so im guessing they would go to this other one as Joshua Petker is showing and he is bff with Jessicka and I JUST DON'T KNOW OMG /o\ Not that i'd say a single word to them. I would for real just stand there all O_____O omg O_____O O________________________O THE WORRIES OF AN ART KID Y'ALL, I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

And yeah, still anxious that im going to see someone i really do not want to see but hopefully Ren will be there as back-up/muscle/bitchface/a shoulder to cry on as will others...i think. You should all come along tbh.

Mum returned from her travels on Monday and yesterday called me and told me all about her NYC adventures. I am the most jealous and yearning even more for that place ;_____; But of course they made friends with an older couple on the cruise ship who were New Yorkers who invited them to their apartment once they docked in NYC then took them on a 2 hour guided tour of the city before taking them back to their hotel. Idk how my parents do it. Mother, why did you not pass on any of those ~social butterfly skills to me? I think my sister got them all :/
Im so, so happy they loved New York though. I bang on about the place to them a lot and they've wanted to go for years and i had a tiny bit of fear that they might not like it and i would be so sad for them because IT IS AWESOME!
And now im excited for gifts and seeing all the photos and videos and whatnot. And my mum. I have missed my mum :3
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After being a creeper and sketching a ~lady Party Poison a little while back, i had a crack at a Kobra Kid in a similar fashion. Not really all that different tbh :/
The bbb i did the worst piece for ever went up last week. Even the "make up" piece i did by way of apology for the crappiness of the first one i sent in didn't turn out how i would have liked.

And for some reason i signed as an artist for [profile] bandomreversebb. No idea what im going to do, convinced already no one will claim whatever i come up with, i will just stress the fuck out over it all /o\

Im having a crazy waiting game and my nerves/worries are all over the place as the US postal service are completely useless. I got a dm from Mrs. Way saying my package hadn't reached them yet during the week. Of course, it was at ass o'clock in the morning and a work day and i then slept terribly after being woken up by that message with all the worry in the world that the package had been lost.
If it were something easily replaced or had a set value or something i wouldn't have been fretting so much, but as it's a sketch i've put a lot of hours into and was kind of proud of...yeah, nervous and worried and D:
The post office here could tell me nothing (even though the item has a tracking number) and i emailed the USPS to see if they could tell me anything.

Got an email the following day saying it had got to LA the morning...forgive me for thinking you're lying to me as it was meant to get there 3 WEEKS AGO and as soon as im all YO, WHAT IS GOING ON?! you get all "oh yeah, it's totally there!" :/ Anyway, i could actually use the tracking number on their site and it's status does keep updating. It was at whatever LA post office/sorting place, then delivery was attemped and a collection note left and even the Royal Mail tracking thing has updated with that hoping it is actually there and just needs to be collected now and they're not lying to me ;____;

Im still terrified of it being collected though. But also terrified that it won't be and they'll just be all LOL NO, WHY WOULD WE WANT THAT?! I don't know what my damage is either you guys.

Other news, it has been a year, A YEAR! since i went to LA for the artshow that never was (not in sept anyway). That shit is crazy. I still can't really believe it all happened or that i got to hang out with some of my most favourite people in the world and have them be so lovely and open and awesome and that they even invited us to the studio.

And this picture is just because. Jessicka posted it today and it gave me a lot of ~feelings. Feelings of HOW HAS IT BEEN 12 MONTHS SINCE I GOT TO FANGIRL OVER YOU BOTH AND GET MANY HUGS AND *____* OVER YOUR ART AND YOU AND JUST *_____; Srsly, they are pretty perfect. And endlessly pretty omg <3

I know ~someone is no doubt going to milk it for all it's worth tomorrow. I'll probably be subjected to her smug, overprivileged, AREN'T I BETTER THAN YOU WITH ALL MY FAMOUS FRIENDS! face all over my dash. Wonderful.

I still feel like the luckiest fucker for everything that happened. It's going to be a vacation that always stays with me and im forever grateful to everyone who made that day so wonderful.

Today was the Tara McPherson signing in London...i did not go ;____; Im (trying to be) not too down about it. I have met her twice before anyway and i really didn't want to spend the day down there by myself like a loser.
I made brownies today instead which was a good time. Though my oven is an oven of lies as for the first time ever i baked them for too long it seems. They were not gooey when i took them out. I've made this recipe a few times before at my sister's and they always came out perfect. I make them here, in my own place for the first time and they come out too set :( They're still tasty but just not squidgy enough. My life is so hard, right?

I got some new pens this week, including some Tria markers *____* I should try and get out of my WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER WITH THE ARTS, WHAT IS THE POINT? SELF, YOU SUCK! funk and play around with them and try them out.

And so ends this week's ramblings.

Edit to add this. Why not?

The "What I've always wanted to tell you" Meme
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So, everyone saw the Reading set right? Cause fuck, that shit was amazing :D Like, crazy awesome integalactic amazing! I very, VERY nearly hauled ass up to Leeds to catch them there...BUT i was a grown up or something for once and reasoned with myself and didn't go. Mainly cause i knew i wouldn't get up there in time to collect a ticket, not without cutting time with my mum waaaay short and i hadn't seen her for weeks and couldn't do that. And there was no way they could top the Reading set so i told myself i was more than content being able to see that and flail around from the comfort of my own home...even if i was sat on the wooden floor of my lounge right in front of the tv as i couldn't contain my glee very well.



AND THEN IT ALL HAD TO BE RUINED JUST A FEW HOURS LATER. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK PEDICONE?! You seemed like such a good, solid dude...why would you do that? Oh band :( There is nothing worse in the world then getting royally fucked over by a friend, it hurts the most. Poor band. And well, it's got to be something big/there be some kind of issue going on to just go "we want you out of our lives" and straight up confessin to police. Those boys are a pretty forgiving bunch even when it comes to friends/family making wrong decisions. Idk. I just remember banging on with [personal profile] narratives at the weekend all HE IS GOOD! HE CAN STAY! and then all this...hurty.


Aaaaanyway, Friday last week i got to see Ren [profile] missghoull which was raaaaad \o/ It was kind of a flying visit but i will take what i can get cause she is awesome but i miss her.
I was meant to be house and cat sitting for my aunt that weekend but her plans fell through at the very last minute. Like, late at night the day before she was meant to go away last minute :/ I still headed over that way to go see my mum though on the Saturday. I hadn't seen her since the middle of July and Sunday she was heading off on holiday for 3 weeks and i really wanted to see her. Sorry band, i love you but it's my mum <3 I hadn't completely ruled it out i guess. I was just going to wait to see what time i happened to leave mum's. Who knows, she could of kicked me out of there just after lunch and i could make it allllll the way up to Leeds...

I didn't leave mum's till about 6.30pm but i really didn't care. I got to see my mum and spend time with just her and got to show her my ~special arts and explain just who they were for/had been sent to (she had been listening before...she just didn't really realise) and she had a little flail and got all :D for me.
THEN i thought i probably had time to get back to Birmingham to see Ren again at a gig...but i was hit with the most blinding headache just before i left mum's. How i made the drive home idk, but i did and crawled into bed to DIE as soon as i got in :(

And now it's been a week since all that and i don't know how it goes so quickly or how i do so little...other than going to work.

I've had zero motivation with my art. I have ALL THE IDEAS! then i sit down to work on something...and nothing happens. I've been kicking myself even more as i decide to torture myself and check out who made the top 20 designs on that t-shirt contest...i did not. Then seeing everyone and their well received art prompt post deelies in various places and trying not to think about all the times i attempt that and it just TANKS ;____; Im not one of the cool kids, it's still a bit of an ego wounder though.

I am doing an art trade with someone completely out of the blue though. I found a girl's rad art blog on tumblr after nosing around the personal blog of the person behind the ask-poison blog (which is my favourite thing ever omg her art *____* ) and she asked if i wanted to do a trade with her...which is really nice! Thanks random person who is super good at the arts!

Other things, um, i think i found out that MARK FUCKING RYDEN AND MARION FUCKING PECK are going to be at this big art festival in London in Oct that Joshua Petker is showing at and which Jessicka is coming over for. I don't think i can deal with that *______* That is too much *______* Oh dear god *______* And Jessicka has spoken and had the final word, kind of, that i need to/am allowed to get a cat. I need to get a bb one and ~train it and make it believe that inside = good, outside = very, very bad! I do actually hate being in this place completely alone :( Today i've done nothing but wander from room to room. Stayed in my pjs all day. I woke up at 10.30, did nothing, had breakfast/lunch, it somehow got to 4pm and i decided i needed a nap, watched Come Dine With Me, made dinner...and it'll be bed time soon :/ Tomorrow i swear i will get out and do SOMETHING, i just don't know what.
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So, im only the teeny, tiniest bit bitter/;___; over failing on that t-shirt design contest deelie. You'd be a dick to be like, hardcore bitter cause it's all for charity and whatnot. I totally called 3 of the 5 (well, 6 i think) winners though. Thanks to all the kids who did vote for me or just posted the links around, you're rad and im happy that i even tried for once :3

I don't think i spoke about the GIANT HUGE SPIDER OF DOOM! drama that i faced at work last week on here. There was a GIANT HUGE SPIDER OF DOOM lurking in the kitchen sink at work. Seriously, the fucker was huge, so much so that when it fell back down from crawling half way out the sink, you heard it "thunk" against the bottom O_____O Other work lady got rid of it with one of the pin pots and a sheet of paper and put it outside cause she has no fear and is now my hero.

HOWEVER! It was back in the sink again this morning D: Yes it was totally the same one D: I wondered why Other Work Lady was lurking in the kitchen doorway to stop me going in and putting my lunch away. Then she told me why as put him outside again. DO NOT DARKEN OUR DOOR AGAIN GIANT HUGE SPIDER OF DOOM! I cannot deal with you ;____;
Then over the weekend, there was a sizeable spider lurking in my room O_____O This is the first one of a size that is too much for me to deal with showing up in my home. Not even 9am on a friday morning and i managed to get the hoover out in record time to hoover him away. I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE ALL FOR SPIDER RIGHTS! OR SOMETHING, THEY CREEP ME THE FUCK OUT AND MAKE ME SQUEAL LIKE A SMALL CHILD (in a bad way) AND FREEZE UP AND I JUST DNW THEM ANYWHERE NEAR ME, OKAY? D:

Work is manic again after the calm of very few orders for the last couple of weeks. Even better that we're currently one straight stitch machine down too cause Other other work lady fiddled around with her's too much and broke it >:/

Later this week im getting a Ren [profile] missghoull :D and then im KITTY (and house) SITTING for my aunt over the bank holiday weekend :D which also means i will get to see my Mum before she goes off on her holiday :D And i can put my order in with her to bring back Froot Loops and Lucky Charms and other random shit as she'll be in New York for a few days \o/

I hope being kind of busy over this festival weekend (and the fact it's meant to be a rather wet weekend) means i won't get too ;_________; over not seeing BAAAAAND. I don't really like festival set-ups and srsly, £80+ for a day ticket? Fuck no! Forget the cost of travelling around on top of that too. Sorry band, im happy to have had my last show of the year of your's at the itunes thing. That was rad.
And everyone needs to calm their tits about OMG HOW CAN THEY BE OFF TO WRITE A NEW ALBUM NOW?! Well, it came out of Gway's mouth mid-show that they might not be back at the city/venue/whatever it was till after they'd written a new record. That doesn't mean as soon as HCT is done they're going to hole away for years and years to make a new record. It's Gway, are you new to his ramblings, often questionable at best, during shows? Fuck, even if they do get all OMG NEED TO DO ANOTHER RECORD RIGHT NOW! stop being pissy about it, you'll get a new record out of it.

Also, it's Gway :/ Y'know :/

Final note, it's nearly September! That means the Tara McPherson signing is getting closer! That means i should really look into booking my travel down to London! Ahh!
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I've been telling myself all weekend that i will get out of the house and go do something. Well, i did get out for a little while on Friday. Hit the post office (finally) and went to the garden centre/craft place out by my sister's and brought things i really didn't need. Actually, fuck that. I finally brought some Series 7 brushes that i've wanted for an age. Too scared to use them now though /o\

But that's been it :/ Today i was totally going to go into Birmingham and get coffee and wander about the city but i have had zero motivation and didn't. So again, i've been a total shut-in the last few days. It's a recurring theme lately.

Im a bit >:/ in my mum's direction. She drove over this way (and right past where i live) to drop the kids back off at my sister's as they'd stayed at her's the weekend and she didn't let me know or stop off to see me :( I thought my sister would have been picking them up from over at mum's but apparently not. Hell, if she didn't have time to make two stops, i would have gone over to my sister's to catch her. Bummed out, can't lie.

I was going to try and get over to her to maybe spend the weekend before they go on holiday but that just leaves this weekend and step brother and his gf are going to be there and mum and step dad are probably going to go the V festival over the weekend with them too as it's right down the road...and then the week after that they're on holiday. Ho hum.

Sent off my wave 2 bbb art on friday...when i didn't start it till friday (aka the deadline day) as all understanding of dates and time had gone out the window so i got in a bit of a flap about that. Im so sorry to whoever my art goes to cause it's awful :/ Sorry :/

One thing i did do today was book Alkaline Trio tickets \o/\o/\o/ Hopefully i can actually go to the show. Everyone seems to be going to London/i heard no word if anyone would be doing any other show, maybe closer to me. The closest is still a 60 mile round trip so i might as well haul down to London where i know people will be and i won't be a total loner. I can't believe it hasn't sold out though :/ Electric Ballroom isn't huge, what gives? Oh well, damn excited to see them again :D

That's kind of it. I've not used my journal to just have a bit of a moan for awhile. Lulled you into a false sense of security.


Aug. 7th, 2011 09:03 pm
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Two posts in two days, crazy times!


full view to this finally and more! )
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I've got this feeling lately that is really hard to shake. Like, i think im a pretty nice person but i feel that im trying to be everyone's friend, please others instead of myself and they just don't give a fuck or want my friendship? Idk, i feel most of the time that i try too hard and i should just back off. Also, im too fucking sensitive and need to get over that.

Enough about that, let me flail about the last couple of days. Thursday i headed down to London pretty late to go and see Social Distortion once i finally found my with a load of paper work/junk mail that was set to be thrown out O___O I met up with [profile] pandagore when i got there for a quick coffee which was ace as i've not seen her for an aaaage!
Managed to find the venue on my own without getting lost or at least looking like a lost loser. Shepherd's Bush Empire is way smaller than i was thinking it was going to be. It's rather pretty inside long as you look up! I say i've never been to this venue but i keep thinking about it and im not so sure now...i've got a feeling i may have been to a show there with the old bff, so around 7/8 years ago perhaps. Not convinced though.

Social Distortion were here last year i think, not too long ago anyway, but i missed it as i had too much D: about going alone and didn't want to do the same this time. It was 2005 when i saw them last, that was my first time seeing them too. Ugh, it was awesome! Mike Ness is just a beautiful, beautiful man. He's old enough to be my dad and i do not give a single fuck. They are an amazing band and give it their all. The sing-a-longs from the crowd were some of the loudest i've ever heard, especially for a smallish crowd, and it was perfect. I'd not listened to the latest record a great deal but the stuff they played from it sounded amazing and has me sold. They had some fierce back up singers for a couple of songs. They had re-worked an older song so it had a more country/bluesy sound than it does on the record. It's one of my favourite songs and they threw in an acoustic guitar and accordion and it sounded amazing! There was a moment when i felt the youngest bb ever when they introduced a song i love with "this is off our first record, it came out in 1983"...i wasn't even born! I didn't get home till 5am and felt so ill on the journey home but it was so, so worth it and glad i didn't let being a lonesome loser hold me back.

Very little sleep and an early start again on Saturday to head back down to London for the MCR Itunes show deelie. My friend [personal profile] piratesunk ended up winning tickets from WB too so my +1 went to the lovely Liz [personal profile] vagary as she is very good and was coming to London from faaaar away whether she had a ticket or not. I got to see [profile] panadagore again and her mother who is super lovely!
I wandered down to the venue and got to see [profile] mindlessviolet for a bit and found my girl [personal profile] piratesunk with her +1 [personal profile] ladyfoxxx who i have seen around the interwebz and always thought was a pretty rad person AND HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS THE GIRL I HAVE SEEN AT MANY AN MCR SHOW AND HAS DRESSED IN FUCKING AWESOME KILLJOYS ATTIRE AND I'VE SAID HELLO TO BEFORE/HAD A LITTLE FLAIL OVER THEIR KILLJOYS OUTFIT. SMALL, CRAZY WORLD! She was very lovely.
I got a [personal profile] readyfuels, [personal profile] vagary and [profile] apoeticmindset :D but we then had to part ways with [profile] pandagore D: and headed to the venue. I have a real issue with remembering how big venues are. The Roundhouse is a lot smaller than i remember...but i was last there for an MSI show and rather drunk so my memory is fuzzy at best. The place was also very far from full. It was pretty sweet to just stroll on up to just a couple of rows from the barrier an hour after doors.

So, BAAAAAAAAAND! Yes, it was a setlist im very used to now (but we got Vampires and they pulled out Kids again finally so im stoked!) but i don't even care cause it was perfect and such a good, crazy high energy show! Everyone on stage was just the smiliest and going off and giving it everything as they always do. I may have seen them a crazy amount of times, but each show is like the first time ever seeing them and i just get the most :D and emotional but in the best way! They are something special and i love them, i love them even more because of the people they've brought into my life and the insane experiences they have given me. Endless <3 And i did have a slightly creeper moment of O____O WAAAAYS O____O when Gway got all MY DAUGHTER IS WATCHING THIS! and with his "miss ya" on his arm for the wife cause i do really like that creeper little family. They're pretty rad and need to let me be their doodle monkey as a job or something O_____O

Have a whole 2 photos cause dancing around like an idiot took priority! :3



Perfect night. Didn't get home till getting on for 5am again and for some reason only slept till about 11 rhis morning, so im feeling pretty sleepy right now. I feel like i've got an epic hangover, that's what a lot of travelling, no sleep, late nights and living on coffee for a few days will do to you. Wouldn't change it though. And while im tired as all fuck, im also SUPER PUMPED and got the creative spark back to get a bunch of artwork that are in various stages of completion finished...or at least get back to work on them. LET'S DO THIS, YO!
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Hey, so let me ramble on and sound like a braggy cunt about the awesome-ness that was the last part of this week. After 6/7 years, Sugarcult, MY BAND, finally got back to the UK to play a couple of shows and i just CAN'T EVEN!

I last saw them in Feb 2005 in Washington DC on the Take Action tour. See, i've been doing that kind of stupid shit for awhile! A uni trip to NYC just fell around the same time and DC was only a hour or so flight away so why not?! So i think they had last played the UK the end of 2004 and while since then they've played some shows in American (and possibly Japan too), i'd resigned myself to the fact that i wouldn't get to see them play live again. So all of this didn't feel real at all and has been a giant crazy headfuck.
I was just as bad back then as i am now and would whole tours or as many shows as i could cause even then i had ~issues but then my friend and i were never front row for shows, we'd speak to the band a few times if the opportunity came up and they were always really good to us and looked out for us at certain times. They were just the most awesome and lovely and, ugh, baaaaaaand <3

This is long and rambly and idk if anyone cares so have a cut and save yourselves!

back to the disaster )

So yeah, BAAAAAAAAND! <3 It was just amazing and perfect and im so damn happy! The day after the gig i spent the day down London and got to hang out with [personal profile] piratesunk which was awesome. I love that lady and it was great to spend more than a few minutes with her before a gig for a change! We got lunch and went to art and comic stores and *_____* over tiny little dogs that were stupidly adorable and got cupcakes and coffee and did some doodling and i drew her a really awful gway in stupid sunglasses with coffee cause i suck at drawing on demand but she seemed to like it so :3 Was quite sad to leave London really.
I will be down on May 27th for my birthday (though it's not till the 30th) to go to MCM and creep over Becky Cloonan and will have more hangs with friends and it will be awesome \o/

Yeah, this was long and about things no one probably cares about but it's been a big deal and full of awesome for me and i like to bang on about shit sometimes. Sorry but thanks for reading if you did <3
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Hey, so i totally didn't get round to updating on the whole MCR Planetarty video shoot or anything cause i am the slackiest.

It was the perfect end to tour. And the first time ever that all my friends trying for tickets actually got was far too easy. That whole couple of weeks are a blur of too many miles, too little sleep and too much money spent, but it was all worth it. It always is. [personal profile] narratives and i hightailed it down to Oxford then bussed it to London in our ~Killjoys finery and had to deal with being sat behind this horrid little 6 yr old WITH AN IPHONE the trip down. He kept having little bitch fits over not being able/allowed to download certain apps...what the ever loving fuck :/

Anyway, tiny ass venue. Don't think i'll ever get to see that band in that small a setting again or for a long, long time. Before that it had been the Maxwells show in 07. We got a little show first, about 7 songs? I can't remember right now /o\ A song or two Gerard asked what we'd like, House of Wolves or Sorrows. As much as i fucking love House of Wolves and wanted to hear it on tour (they've been playing it in Europe i think though...i see how it is, band!) there is only one right answer to that question. It was a great little show. Gway had his moments of giving little speeches and getting kind of ;___* and then forgetting whatever he was going to say and killing the moment.
Each member got a round of chants from the crowd, including James and Pedicone (i think it started with him) and they showed off their ~skills a bit and had a little jam session. It was pretty sweet.

The director came out after the show to tell us what was going down. There were a few props handed out, including some huge animal heads. Yeah. Planetary was played over the speakers 4 times or something and we all just had to dance about and whatnot for them to get crowd shots. It was pretty damn hot in there and of course this had to happen after a mini gig so i think everyone is going to look pretty fucking disheveled!
The band came back out to perform to the track a few times too...and they decided to give us one more song and pulled Vampires out and it was awesome and epic and everyone seemed to get it and it was just <333 Even if it felt like i'd broke my foot during it all and it still isn't right. Oh well!

My Danger Days set arrived at my sister's the day we went down to the shoot. My excitement to finally pick it up was immense. My sister and the kids were excited to see what it was too :3 I got the ~Fun Ghoul gun and mask. Libster asked why i had a raygun, told her it was cause im too invested in a band and need to give them all my money. She went back to her colouring in.

Aside from all that, life has been pretty boring. That's ok though, i can't do anything for the next few weeks as MCR and paying rent/being a grown has drained my bank but i really don't mind. Work is fucking crazy this month. The amount of orders we have to try and do on the 3 days a week we're in? So not going to happen and boss lady needs to realise this and bump up our hours now! My shoulders are so sore from being hunched over sewing and cutting out today. It's only going to get worse.

The flat is coming together more and more. I might finally be getting my sofa sorted out at the weekend, hopefully. No more being white trash with lawn furniture in my lounge. Kind of going to miss it.

I finally remembered to check into my Artists Newsletter account (it sounds really lame but its actually a really good resource for ~practising artists on just about everything) and have found 7 or 8 exhibitions im going to submit to and see if i have any luck. The first has it's deadline on Monday so i've got to get my shit together quick. I'd love to get chosen for it, it's a female artist/feminist art exhibition in London. Fingers crossed!

Vasilis Lolos has added coloured versions of his Danger Days concept art to his DA and OH DEAR GOD *___________________* I JUST WANT TO LOOK AT IT FOREVER *______________________*

On the arts line, i've been working on my ~sassy gway v.2 for [personal profile] narratives after i ended up keeping the original one after all the real life gway shenanigans and my *_____O over it afterwards. Tbh, she's getting a better deal as this one is far better (look at me having some faith!) and bigger and he is the sassiest. Couple of little wip shots under the cut. They've been on my twitter/tumblr but i feel the need to have them everywhere. LAURA, IF YOU WANT TO BE TOTALLY SURPRISED ON SAT THEN DON'T LOOK OK? NOT THAT IT'LL GIVE THAT MUCH AWAY REALLY BUT STILL, SPOILER ALERT YO!

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Hay lj, haaaaay! I warn you now, this will be rambly and flaily and long so save yourself if you cannot deal!

Saturday, which feels a million years ago right now, was leg two of the mcr tour for me. I'd gone to the London and Birmingham shows the week before and i had a ticket for Nottingham which was to be my last show on the tour. Boooo ;___;
The Nottingham show was fucking awesome. Epic setlist, the long version and while we lost Kids and Party Poison, we got Sorrows and Vampires AND Bulletproof Heart which is just a really perfect, uplifting song to close a concert with. A+ work boys! There was a bit more interaction between the band that i hadn't noticed at other shows which was nice and while you can tell that they've not been feeling too well on this tour, they still give so, so much <3
Earlier in the day [personal profile] narratives and i went to Starbucks before the show cause it needs to be done and we're not in the business of queuing or seeing support bands when they don't float our boat. Of course, as i am her doodle monkey she asked me to doodle her a ~sassy gway because who doesn't love some sassy gway? I started it and finished it a couple of days later, here have some sass and matt bomer hair )

So yeah, Nottingham was an awesome show. Got my Art is the weapon t-shirt cause i've been lusting after that for awhile...and also pencils :/ BUT THEY'RE AWESOME AND HAVE THE BL/ind LOGO AND SAY THE AFTERMATH IS SECONDARY AND DON'T SAY MCR ON THEM ANYWHERE SO IT'S NOT LIKE PEOPLE WILL KNOW AND JUDGE! later i had a bit of a perv on Mehdi too, looking menacing and taking control of a crowd >:) and saw what i thought was s//c Ed wandering about and while i knew he was on tech duty in the US with them i didn't know if he was on the UK crew too and he was.

Sunday was spent with me D: in Laura's direction as i have ~issues and decided i actually did have to go to Cardiff on Monday for the next show and she should totally come with. She did cave and decide to come along in the end \o/
We strolled up at 6pm, brought our tickets on the door, headed into the crowd as the first support band finished and managed to get right up front in front of Frank for mcr's set. All without being a douchebag or pissing anyone off. Skills!
Cardiff got the short setlist that was floating around ;____; We got Prison but nothing off Bullets and a couple of others were dropped. A good show but not a great setlist. Still, baaaaaand <3

We decided to get our lurk on a bit after the show again. It wasn't crazy busy but more than there had been after Birmingham and there was only a small barrier deelie out, so we weren't expecting much to happen.
Mehdi came out and said a couple of the boys would be out to sign but it would have to be fast and we were all in a crowd not a line so again, didn't expect much. I didn't really have anything to get signed/have a few things already and was all D: idk what to do D: So Laura got all "Ooh, get them to sign my sketch for me! Please?!" D: D: D: and seeing as i'd done lots of whining at her to come down for the show, i couldn't really deny her.

And instead of the band coming along the line and moving on, we were kind of sent through one at a time. Had seen/heard Ray was out then as we got further along the line, saw Gerard was out too O____O OH HAY, IM JUST GOING TO ASK YOU TO SIGN A DOODLE I DID OF YOU BEING A SASSY BITCH, NO PROBLEM RIGHT? O____O So much wanting to throw up and die O____O And we weren't rushed through as quick as i thought. Laura mentioned to them that we were bummed about them dropping Bullets songs at this show cause y'know, we love that shit. Ray got all concerned and Laura asked if they thought they might play either Sorrows or Vampires at the show the next night as i was probably going to go, i told Gerard i had issues :/ and she was considering it/could be swayed with that promise. And for once, instead of Gerard being kind of quiet and just all idk, he was all "You haven't had anything Bullets? Well, we do like mixing up the setlist, we COULD play something off Bullets!" all coy like in his stupid little duck voice.

Then i have to rock up and hand my sketch over to get signed O____O THE MOST FEAR IN THE WORLD EVER OMG! I start kind of rambling all UM THIS IS FOR MY FRIEND, THAT ONE THERE, NOT FOR ME AND IM REALLY SORRY BUT COULD YOU SIGN IT OH GOD IT'S AWFUL and somehow handed it over but kept it super covered up for as long as possible. Like, my hand still over the top of it while he was holding it. He got super smiley and did his stupid little honking duck laugh and was all NO, I LOVE THIS! WOW, YOU DID GREAT! and was just all :D :D :D This is awesome, i love it :D :D :D You sure you want me to scrawl on it? :D :D :D with me all O___O um O___O yes please O___O thank you O___O and him all :D :D :D YOU'RE WELCOME /duckvoice. Frank had popped up between Gerard and Ray while this was going down too, all smiley and creeping like a creeper then skipped off to the bus (i think him and Mikey came out just after).

Poor Ray, i didn't exactly know what to do and kind of just passed my doodle on again without thinking, just O_____O it's for her *points to Laura* O_____O Sorry, hi O____O And Ray is seriously one of the nicest, smiliest guys ever. I apologised for it being a doodle of just the one/wrong person yet again for him to sign. But once again he was just all :D and complimentary and happy with life.

I can't lie, shit was a pretty big deal for me and i was quietly clutching at my sketch after...and Laura said i could keep it, i could draw her a new one (and she wants a bigger one, she can have it life size tbh!). That it was more to kick my arse into gear to get to show my arts to people and stop being such a cowardly loser. She's a terrible, wonderful friend <3 But still I CAN'T BELIEVE I SHOWED THAT TO HIM! IT'S KIND OF LOL AND A FUN DOODLE CAUSE IT WAS ONLY REALLY MEANT TO BE SEEN BY LAURA, I SHOWED HIM IS HIS SASSY BITCH SELF, OH DEAR FUCKING GOD /o\/o\/o\
It was all ridiculous but pretty special for me and i do still think people are just being nice but i am proper broken in the head and just, yeah :3

When i finally got home my head was still all :D D: :D and Lindsey was gracing twitter with her wonderful self and being still kind of wired from everything that night, and that i'd had people making frowny faces at me to show her a certain sketch, i thought fuck it and sent her the link to it. This one: and she seemed to rather like it :3 (and fuck, it's on near 700 views now...weird)

As i mentioned up there, i did end up going to Newcastle for the last show on the UK tour cause i do have issues letting go as i mentioned. Laura seems to be catching them off me cause she came along too. It was a crazy drive of 200 miles on 2 hours sleep and being ill too and it was insane. The show was great and we did get Sorrows at least so they listened and didn't go back on their word totally <3
I was smiley and just so damn happy through their whole set but had that little underlying feeling of woe with it being the last show and them heading off soon and not wanting to let go cause im a creeper. But its all good though as it hit the internet that they were going to be doing the Planetary (GO!) video shoot in London tomorrow and you could buy crazy cheap tickets this morning. All plans i had of a steady drive home stopping every so often to get my nap on went out the window. Did the 220 mile drive home in one go pretty much. Stopped for a 30 min nap but that was all. Left Newcastle at 12.30am, got home at 6.30am. Bed for an hour and a half, got up to try and score tickets and was successful \o/\o/\o/ Then back to bed for most of the day!

Im really excited for tomorrow/later today but looking forward to the weekend when i can do fuck all other than catch up on all my missed sleep. Im not looking forward to post tour blues but i am going to have some epic fucking memories of these last two weeks <333
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So, i was going to update at the start of the week when it felt like OMG I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAAAAAAAY! but i didn't cause im a slacky slacker who slacks :/

Let us start with the fact that it is tour time in the UK for the failboats that are mcr. HAY BAND, HAAAAAAY! I have missed them, can't lie.
I ended up going to the London show when a friend couldn't make it and i have no will power so took her ticket off her hands. I got to meet up with [personal profile] piratesunk and had a little more time with her than back in October which was all of about 10 seconds worth of OH HI, I KNOW YOU? I KNOW YOU YES, SORRY ABOUT THAT! Still too brief though ;___; Now she is kind of based here more hangs need to be had. We got a picture together though in which i do not look like myself.
I finally got to meet [profile] blueautopsy too after knowing her for about 4/5 years through s//c!

I was with my usual mcr tour time girls and it was pretty damn awesome. We skipped on the support acts, they're not my thing this time round. Got all manner of restless waiting for the failboats to take to the stage. And while i had been all D: DNW ARENA SHOWS, THEY'RE HUGE AND SUCK! it's actually been ok. Wembley seemed really small, i've never been to a show their before. I think it had sold out (the only one on tour that has) but it still felt pretty empty and not as huge echoing, miles away from the stage space as i thought it would.
It was an awesome show. Lots of favourites off Danger Days, good picks from Revenge, a couple of favourites from TBP and a couple from Bullets which always makes me lose my shit...and my voice :/ BUT HOLY FUCKING FUCK, WE GOT VAMPIRES Y'ALL! AFTER BITCHING ON TWITTER ALL "OMG, THEY'RE ENDING ON CANCER AGAIN >:/ FUCKING BUZZKILLS!" THEY PULL THAT OUT! Shit was glorious, yo. I remember the days when that or anything off Bullets would get the biggest cheer and singalong of the night. Wttbp has held that title since oct. We're in a new generation i feel. Don't get me wrong, i love that album and that song, just...idk. It's odd.

We did hang about after the show as i had driven down and there wasn't really any rush. Got to perv on Mehdi a bit. He is a glorious, pretty man with a voice that does not match his look. I love him a little bit :3 The after show crowd was full of douchebag kids who had no idea of how to behave. Mehdi had come out to say that while the venue had to kick out band and crew at 1am, there was a good chance the band would come out before leaving. The kids had been pretty loud before that, singing, chanting and screaming, but it got worse after that. Even with venue and band security saying if you quieten down the chances are even greater that they'll come out. Yeah...these kids just do not get that maybe after 2 hours infront of noisy, screaming kids the band might appreciate and feel more comfortable with a subduded, respectful crowd who aren't going to scream in their face.
A little while later Mehdi came out again to apologise and say the band wouldn't be able to make it out and was good enough to take things from people who had wanted to give stuff to the band. But of course some kids just don't get they're not entitled to anything other than a good show. There were people around saying "How dare they! After how long we waited" (like, an hour and a half maybe? i've waited a lot longer than that) "Let's boo them when they go" Shit like that pisses me off like no other and i wanted to lay into people. How about you stfu and go home and cry about it? It's past your bedtime anyway.

So then i had a big enough drive from London back up home but i had company in Beccy and Katie who is super lovely and lol. She reminds me so much of Shiv, but that is awesome. Found a 24 hour Starbucks at a weird service station just outside London. They were my saviour and i did walk in all O____O you're open? O____O really? O____O can i have coffee? O____O It was amazing. I pounded some Monster too and had my coffee to sip the rest of the drive...i had a moment of feeling very, very off while driving. Like, not on this planet. But there were epic Danger Days singalongs and my girls talking to me to get me through it. Got to bed at 5am or something.

Just to have another show that day :D Birmingham show and the weather was fucking vile. Good old midlands :/ Collected [personal profile] narratives on the way, dealt with the most unhelpful parking attendants in the world and still had to park a 5/10 min walk away from the the god awful weather. Awesome.
So, the LG isn't actually the NEC which is good cause that place is fucking huge too. This is small for an arena and new with fancy facilities and whatnot. They had guitar hero set up for entertainment. We watched and cheered people on or mumbled that they should gtfo the stage cause clearly they were shit. Apart from dorky, awkward young boy who does look like how my nephew will in a few years. We all rallied behind him, he was awesome ;___*

The venue felt really empty yet again but im ok with it. Sucks for them. With a smaller than expected crowd, it didn't really feel like arena show, not in the way they did in 2007 when venues were packed. I approved of it more this way.
The show was A+ again \o/ Laura and i went further into the crowd so we could bust some moves. I can't lie, the crowds have been kind of dead. Even with being on the very edge of the death zone/pit...people were mainly just standing there. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! DID YOU NOT HEAR PLANETARY (GO!)? YOU'RE DEAD INSIDE IF YOU CAN'T EVEN JUST SWAY TO THAT! wtf. Jeb is awkward and sassy and a diva bitch and loves Grant Morrison/Batman and Robin as much i as do, though i am not a 15 year old girl and don't write on myself, but i love that he is a little fanboy.
Had a dance, had a little weep during flw and Helena but Laura was there to be awesome and hold my hand and not judge me...too much, and had a good fucking scream during Vampires. Band, thank you for bringing that back <333

Again, as i'd driven and had a carpark that wasn't going to lock my car inside, we got our lurk on. We had no idea where we had to go and acheived lurking \o/ The crowd was super small compared to London and from the start was just nice and quiet and not full of batshit, entitlement issues kids. We all just did as security asked and behaved and London, that is why we get nice things! I have a lot of crap signed by that band, but there is usually something floating in my sketchbook that i'd like them to sign if im brave enough. I had my killjoy mikeyway doodle for him to sign, but no individual ones of the other guys so they would get to sign next to my gway sketch *___* I didn't pussy out (mainly cause Laura took the sketch off me and glared) After Ray had taken my sketchbook and mistook gway's doodle for mine (you's damaged boy) and signed it...he took my mikeyway sketch off me O____O Nooooooo, give it back O____O But he got all :D WHAT'S THIS? THIS IS YOURS? IT'S AWESOME :D GOOD WORK :D and i just kind of fall over my mouth. Shit is always weird.
Frank is always just a lovely little person when he isn't being a douchebag troll, but that is his charm along with his ~earnest eyebrows. Srsly, they go like / \ whenever he's talking to someone. And i believe getting a gleeface and an AWESOME! from mikeyway for my doodle is a pretty big deal and quite possibly the most animated i will ever see that boy.
Crap picture of doodle in question, now signed and band ~approved.

We did not get any Jeb time, Mehdi told us it was due to having many interviews to do and seeing as he's had to do a fuckton of stuff for kerrang radio this week, i understand. (And tonight after the manc show according to ray 3/4 of them are crazy ill :( im guessing not ray as he took to twitter to inform us all)

So my weekend was a pretty crazy one and tiring but awesome. I've powered through at work like a boss this week what with other full time sewing lady being off with flu still. She came back on thurs and seemed quietly impressed at how much i'd got done the last two weeks. I seem to have gotten a lot quicker with some things \o/
Still tinkering around with things in my new place. I still have so much to unpack but not too much decorating left to get done really.

Got my Lindsey Hush heart reworked a bit today while i was back over ~my old town. It looks a bunch better now the red has been touched up. I've never had a touch up on a tattoo before, and christ was it more painful than the first go O___o Still sore and hot now.

Tomorrow i am collecting [personal profile] narratives Laura again as she caved and decided to come along to the Notts mcr show \o/\o/\o/ More hangs with lovely friends and getting to flail/mock my band once again <3
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Hello lj fraaaaands! How are we all?

My day today has been kind of crazy weird and enlightening and damn busy!

First, the little bit of ~drama (only not really) i had on twitter today.

Much editing for ~rockstars lurking my twitter/website it seems too O____O

Cut for not really drama but rambling about artists people probably don't care about )

Also found out this week that Joshua Petker is going to be here in October too as he's having an exhibition. SO FUCKING EXCITED! I love his work so damn much, i take a lot of inspiration from his colour use and composition in my more ~fine art stuff, and he's such a nice dude and has been all "You'll come along right, i hope you do!" BRO, LIKE I COULD MISS THAT! Hnnnggghhh, om nom nom arts.
And it seems like possibly...maybe...Lindsey is having her NYC art show in June...JUNE! FUCKING JUNE! WHAT IN THE FUCK?! THAT COMPLICATES MANY THINGS FOR ME WOMAN! /o\ Idk y'all, idk.

I got the keys to my flat on friday \o/ Ma and sister (who hasn't had the baby yet, we're at 2 days overdue now) went over to see it with me today. I think ma was holding back having a moan about it but i think she got over it after sister was saying all the things i'll do with it, how awesome it will be all painted and with arts and my ~style all over the place. I told ma i would be the one doing the work and tarting it up, painting throughout. Anyway, she's ok now i think. I just want to get in properly and clean and start painting and getting things out! Next week i should get to start on that.

Something lol/omg i found out today was that my lady landlord is the niece of Tommy Iommi. You know, just that kind of legendary guitarist from Black Sabbath. LOLWHAT?!

I finally posted an update on [profile] toomuchart. Not too much really, i've been stuck in a major art block and getting a lot of woe and rage. Nothing new there really, i know. I did finally get a Pentel Pocket brush pen after [profile] apocalypse_me reccommended them and OMG, FAVOURITE PEN EVER! Tomorrow im off to look for a frame for my awesome, glorious gway art from that young lady too. HEARTS FOREVER!
On the art talk, a couple of weeks back i got a wealth of awesome post including wonderful art from [personal profile] piratesunk and [profile] cassandramalfoy. Thank you so, so much girls <3

Um, so that has been my oh so exciting life recently. Once my place starts to look more like an actual home with a personality i will post pictures \o/
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Um, so if you follow me on twitter you probably know i had some pretty shit news from my ma this evening about my cat. Im really fucking upset but im not going to go on about it now and make this post an epic downer. That will come next week as im going to ma's for the weekend and its going to be weird as hell and i'll probably spend most of it crying randomly.

Lets try and think about good stuff, yes? I think i need to.

Yesterday i had my whirlwind visit down to London for the Danger Days listening party. Still doesn't feel like it even happened or that it was last night. Shit is crazy.
The venue was a swanky ass bar just off Regent street. No idea what to expect of the set up and when we got in The place was pretty well decked out in all kinds of promo stuff for the album. A huge 8ft Danger Days sticker across the floor, similar across the bar. Each little table had either the album artwork or raygun stickers over well as some right tasty (presumably non alcoholic, it was a 16+ event, not an 18+) cocktails on too.
I'd given my +1 to [profile] cocolate, it was a hard decision for me to make, i wanted to be able to take everyone along. But, some of my girls asked if i'd let them know where it was going to be held as they'd see about getting their lurk on and as they're some of my favourites it was a given i would let them know. And guess what, Warner did something out of the goodness of their hearts for once! My little group of friends i guess asked if there was any way possible anymore people would be allowed in, i think there was only 20-something of us anyway...and they said yes! So fucking stoked that they got to come in and share in it all too :D It all worked out.

We got the play of the album first before the band rocked up. I think it would have been crazy awkward to be sat in a room with them listening :/ And they'd been at Maida Vale recording awesome-ness for Radio 1 \o/
When we went in we were given those sheets up there with the tracklisting on to make notes (as the blog said about having to write a little review about the album) and it also has one of the most laid back and fun little press releases on the album/band history write up at the back too.
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Seriously, she was so god damn nice. Im a total loser so had the most epic fear about going over to her but my bb [profile] pandagore as good as dragged me over and im so glad she did. I have a couple of artist's signatures and sketches in my moleskine so its a bit of a thing now and asked if she'd sign it. I wasn't really expecting her to sketch anything out. She noticed it had work in and asked if she could have a look through...yeah, kind of wanted to die. You guys know how "omg i suck don't look at my wooooork! i am :/ But yeah, she liked my stuff. Especially my red riding hood wolf head deelie. I don't even know what to do with that you guys ;___; She's so ridiculously talented you guys, like, amazingly so. Its not that i don't believe or are grateful for the lovely words i get from people on here or wherever but yeah, its just weird to me.

She was really lovely and mentioned that Brian Ewing is putting together a book tour for over here and is looking for places to go so i should reccomend my city. That is going to be fucking awesome, Brian fucking Ewing *___* So many wonderful art types are coming to the UK lately, it makes me so happy in my soul!
I mentioned i had the card he did with Crank Bunny and she mentioned she was looking at doing something with her too! Really cannot wait for that.

Anyway, there are a bunch of pictures under the cut and some/most i think, are kinda big but only so you can see the awesome work!

And pictures of the postcard set i brought too. Just going off one of them and some of the noise around a "certain band" the other day...i really, really hope she is doing their art work. Its probably wishful thinking but thats fine by me! The piece was done in 2009/possibly earlier so...probably not :/ I LIKE TO PRETEND THOUGH, OK?!

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